Pressed for Time? Quick Cleaning Hacks You Can Use Today

If you’re like many people today, time is always at a premium. Between kids, work, and other responsibilities, it can be tough to keep your place tidy. Here are eight cleaning hacks you can put to use straight away to help you reclaim a little precious free time.

Clean Where Company Goes

If you have limited time for house cleaning, be strategic: Prioritise cleaning the parts of the home that company sees, such as the bath and the living spaces. Leave your bedrooms and closets for when you have more time.

Use Candles and Scented Products Liberally

After you run around cleaning your most public spaces, light a few candles or use an essential oil spray or diffuser to make the house smell fresh.

Make Your Bed

Before leaving for work, make your bed, even if it means getting up five minutes early. It sets the tone for the day, makes your bedroom look acceptable should anyone else have to enter, and creates a good example for children. At the end of the day, it makes your room feel more serene.

Use a Laundry Basket

Only have 15 minutes to tidy up? Whip through the house with a laundry basket. Fill it with loose shoes, kids’ toys, and other junk. If company is coming, toss the basket in a closet or spare room. If your problem is family members who don’t pick up after themselves, make them fish their stuff from the basket, instead of you putting it away.

Create a “Drop Zone”

A drop zone is a place where anyone can drop their stuff when they enter the home (and find it again later). An entryway closet, a bench, or a set of cubbies can function to hold kids’ school bags, sports gear, outdoor clothing, and pet leashes.

Do Five Things Before Bed

The end of the day can spell exhaustion for time-squeezed mums and dads. Before heading off to bed, do five quick things to tidy up or check off your to-do list, such as wiping a counter in the bath, sweeping the kitchen, or dusting a table. If you do that every night, your weekend chore list will be considerably shorter.

Create a Clutter-Free Zone

Designate one area of your home, even if it’s just a corner, as a clutter-free zone. Keep it devoid of children’s toys, pet chews, and life’s usual detritus. Whether you have company drop by or simply want to sit with your tea or wine, you’ll have one spot where your eyes can rest on clean, uncluttered surfaces.

Hire a Home Cleaner

Sometimes it’s just impossible to keep the home clean with a busy schedule or other limitations. That’s what professional cleaners are for! At Inner West Domestics, we offer a variety of cleaning services for Melbourne area residents. Schedule a regular cleaning to keep the home tidy on an ongoing basis, or choose a one-time or deep cleaning to get some momentum going for your own cleaning efforts. Reach out today and put your cleaning worries behind you!