What do you do when your child's daycare is closed for the day? If you're lucky, you probably take the day off and spend some extra time with them.

Then everyone returns to a normal routine the following day. But what do you do if having them home with you while you work is an everyday thing? Working from home is a job perk few people are fortunate enough to have access to. For parents, this can be a benefit by allowing them to skip the additional expense of daycare and spend more time with their children, while still bringing home a paycheck. However, juggling the two at the same time – work and keeping the kids entertained – can be a second job in itself. If your child is too young to help lessen your workload, here are some tips to keep them occupied:

Create a designated play area.

Children like to have ownership over things, and their own play area is a great space to claim! This will also help them understand what areas to stay in and what areas to avoid while you work.

Schedule playtimes.

Wait, adding another kid to the mix sounds like more work, right? But, it can be to your benefit. While you will have an extra child to keep an eye on, they will keep each other occupied. And, this means there will also be times when it is your child’s turn to go play at the other child’s house.

Help your child create their own play business.

Kids love to mimic their parents. And they love to make-believe that they are an adult. It is crazy to think there was a time when you used to enjoy pretending like you had to work, right? Help your child create their own play business so they can “work” too, just like you!

Take your work outside.

The great thing about working from home is that you are mobile, especially if you have a laptop you can work from. Weather and work permitting, work outside for a few hours while your child plays. The key to working at home while also watching your child full-time is establishing a routine and activities that are compatible with your work schedule. What other tips do you have for work-from-home parents?